English – Industrial ph.d.

Info – facts about the commercial or industrial ph.d.

Welcome to this danish homepage which seeks to encourage danish companys to focus on knowledge management and development of knowledge.

Erhvervs-phd is not a traditional ph.d. but a commercial or industrial ph.d. where the company hires the ph.d.-student and pays a certain amount of the students wage, the rest is payed for by the Danish Government (at the moment 12.500 DKK a month + 75.000 DKK in total to courses).

The results and or products of the ph.d. is the property of the company which employs the ph.d.-student. The specific agreement of employment is an agreement between the company and the student. The student choose a mentor from a danish university, a second mentor which is employed wihtin the comany and a third part mentor of the students own choice.

English website about the Industrial ph.d. initiative

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